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Being a Guardian Home is an excellent, low cost way to have a top quality Australian Labradoodle as a family pet.   If you love Australian Labradoodles and wish to acquire one without purchasing one - the Sacto  Labradoodles Guardian Home Program may be right for you.   We do not have and do not want to run a kennel based program so all of our breeding dogs are raised in loving homes as family pets.  As such, from time to time we have kept back exceptional dogs that we think will be great future mommas and dads.  These pups are made available to families in the Guardian Program.  All Guardian Homes require an application and screening to make sure our pups will live in the very best home!  Some requirements are below.

We want our Dogs to have the very best homes.  As such, we require that an adult be home at least part-time during the day to care for the dog.  We don't want these pets to live in a kennel or outside.  We want them to be part of your family!  We also love children and a busy household so that the dog can be well socialized.  Since these are breeding dogs, there are some limitations as to other allowed pets in the home. 

As a Guardian Home you agree to raise, train and care for a dog throughout their lives.

If you are chosen to be part of the Sacto Labradoodles Guardian-Home program, we will place you with a pick of the litter puppy at approximately 8-10 weeks old.   You will pay for all normal cost of the care and medical expenses of raising a family pet.   Sacto Labradoodles will pay for all reproductive testing and associated costs of the pregnancy.  The health testing for your puppy is completed between ages 4-11 months.

If your dog does pass its health testing (as we expect) it will become a breeding dog for Sacto Labradoodles.  The female breeder will deliver between 0-4 litters for Sacto Labradoodles.  She will come to our home during her heat cycle for breeding, and then back home to you.  She will remain with you throughout her pregnancy and come back to us during her delivery and the puppies are weaned. If a Guardian Family has an interest in raising the puppies, we can discuss that as well. Once she has had 3-4 litters you will have her spayed and she will retire with you.

If you would like to be considered for  Sacto Labradoodles Guardian Home program please fill out the Guardian Application below and return to us.   As part of the application process, we will require a home visit to make sure your new puppy is completely safe!    If you have additional questions - please email us at .

Thank you for your interest in the Guardian Home Program.

Joyce & Jeff Stranger

Sacto Labradoodles


Guardian Home Application

Please download and complete the Guardian Home Application to be considered for this great opportunity!



  Harper Rae has found her forever family.  THANK YOU Wilson Family El Dorado for allowing this girl to be part of your family! We love our Guardian Families!  


 Princess Ellie (now known as TRUE)  has found her forever family.  THANK YOU OATES FAMILY of Lincoln for adopting this sweet girl.  We love our Guardian Families! 


  Jazzlyn Jade has gone home with her new Guardian Family. Thank you Beloberk Family of Elk Grove for welcoming this baby into your life. Our Guardian Families are Awesome.  


  Izzie Nicole has gone home with her new Guardian Family. Thank you CONNER FAMILY of Sacramento for giving this sweet girl and awesome home!  We love our Guardian Families.  



Cooper is now in his forever home.  THANK YOU JORGENSEN FAMILY of Roseville!  Our Guardian Families rock!

Guardian Family Ratto with Princess Zoe.

Princess Zoe has found her forever family.  THANK YOU RATTO FAMILY of Rancho Cordova.  We love our Guardian Families!


Precious Paisley and her new forever family.  THANK YOU BOWERS FAMILY of El Dorado Hills.  Our Guardian Families are the best!  


Sweet Kali with her new Guardian Family.  THANK YOU VIGIL FAMILY of Lincoln.  Our Guardians rock!


This sweet boy is right at home with his new Guardian Family.  THANK YOU MAGNANI FAMILY of Elk Grove.  Our Guardian Families are Awesome!  


Amazing Grace is with her new Guardian Family.  THANK YOU DAMELE FAMILY of Stockton.  Our Guardians are Amazing!